Tuesday 16 April 2013

Paris Fashion Week AW 2013...Tamu and Luisa the Goose!

Tamu from All The Pretty Birds blog and her adorable Luisa goose iPhone case, Paris, March 2013.

I love cute things and let out a squeal of joy when I saw Tamu's Moschino iPhone case in Paris (Elisa had the same one!). Sooooo cute! Tamu even offered to give me hers after I cooed over it. 

Recreate Tamu's look (kind of):


  1. adorable goose...i just pinned a pic of that exact case yesterday! xx

  2. @dustjacket - I love cute things (clearly I have never grown up....I love stickers, smelly pens, stamps etc!) and this is such a sweet cover. Have you seen the teddy bear one as well????

  3. Hi V! Thanks for this fun pic! looking forward to this summer! xoxo