Thursday 18 April 2013


Zarina (Premier Model Management), London, Saturday 23rd March 2013.

A little Spring shoot we* did with (super new) Danish model Zarina a couple of weeks ago. And when I say spring I mean that was what it said on the calender.... because in reality it was more like the depths of winter. It snowed and sleeted. All day. And it was dark. And cold. So we huddled Zarina up in my giant cape-coat between shots, put a hot water bottle on her feet and plied her with lots of cups of scolding hot tea. I think Zarina was very happy that her shoot later that day was in a warm, cosy studio ;)

*Stylist: Verity Pemberton
*Make up artist: Jessica Mejia 
(Adore working with these super talented girls)

Clothing Credits:
Vince white silk popover easy long sleeve blouse from
Acne Hot Flag print jeans from

Marc by Marc Jacobs red cap
Mother of Pearl bird print midi dress from

Urban Outfitters blue beanie
Vintage Le Mont St. Michel dungarees
Aries tee

Gardens of Whimsy floral headband (Etsy)
Carven map print dress from
Vintage cardi

MiH Jeans green boiler suit
Jerome Dreyfuss Fredo cross-body bag from
Vintage boots

Petit Bateau yellow rain mac
Vintage t-shirt
MiH Halsy jeans

Snow courtsey of the weather gods :)


  1. Replies
    1. Ahhh thanks Kit! Her red hair is rather glorious isn't it! Hope you are well? xx

  2. Replies
    1. I want to see you in a onesie in September Miss Margaret!!! I adore this one by MiH - all the colours are so gorgeous but this one really set off Zarina's red hair and freckles.

  3. beautiful model and super nice shots! i'm especially loving the flower crown!!

    would you like to follow each other?

    1. She is beautiful isn't she..... The flower crown was a gift sent to Verity, the stylist. It is really beautiful isn't it!

  4. Hi. I love your photos are fantastic.
    I hope that you like my blog.

    Con S de Su

  5. Great photos, I love that yellow rain mac :)))

    1. And living in London, one always needs a good rain mac! For snow or rain :)

  6. This girl is really lovely, and at times I find my self thinking that "oh.. it's Kate Moss in this picture"..

  7. The orange cap is fab!

    1. It is rather fab isn't it! Kind of different from the usual black leather cap. It would be great to wear in the middle of summer (although perhaps a touch hot!)

  8. Gorgeous images, you always capture the most beautiful moments!
    Hope you are well, noticed the absence of your posting over the past weeks!!! I need my Jackman photography fix!

    1. Ha ha! I am back :))) Was having a wee blogging break! Always hard to get back into the rhythm of it after you have had a break!

    2. ah bien! a well deserved one I'm sure :) was estatic to see your pictures on my bloglovin feed again!

  9. I have myself red hair and you may not know what well it makes me when you show also gorgeous girls
    it is not always easy to have red hair. Clear skin, freckles are sometimes frowned
    your beautiful photos give me trust me
    Sorry for my bad English and thank you a lot !

    1. Leontine - I absolutely LOVE red hair and freckles (and not just because I had (dyed) red hair at one point in my life. I think red hair is just glorious. Really different and beautiful. Embrace it - you are so lucky!

  10. Sweet photos, soo pretty =)

  11. lovely photots

  12. then green clothe is too much good. love it! n_n