Friday 25 October 2013

Marli @ Premier Model Management

Marli @ Premier Model Management, 11 August 2013, Hampton Court. 

A little test shoot in collaboration with my super talented and lovely team: Stylist Verity Pemberton and make-up artist Jessica Meija.

Verity had the idea of a vaguely Girl Scout/Moonrise Kingdom theme and Jessica created pretty hair and make-up to work with those ideas and Marli's features. The location was the beautiful grounds of Hampton Court House School (which would be stunning for a wedding!)

Our beautiful Polish model, Marli, was a delight to work with (she was recently discovered at a music festival "very muddy and very tired!").

Clothing credits: 

Green vintage beret from Beyond Retro

Print shirt: Vintage from Stylist's own collection
Vintage Topshop Unique shorts
Vintage backpack and brogues from Stylist's own collection

Vintage brogues from Stylist's own collection

Vintage green pants from Stylist's own collection

Luella pinafore
Vintage shirt and Scout blanket from Stylist's own collection

p.s. As always, you can click on the landscape images + diptychs to make them bigger.


  1. i love the dreamy feel of these photos :) and i love the make up too,especially the lips. she looks like a doll !

  2. Amazing pictures and light on them. Of course, the stylisms are perfect too. Love the floral jumper and the high-waisted shorts! :)

  3. Love the beanie or hat! Jättefin mössa!

  4. I love these, especially the ones with the pink flowers! 8 is my favourite! So dreamy! And what eyes!

  5. @40 over 20 - thank you!

    @Pika - thanks so much Pika. Jess is an amazing make-up artist. We generally go for a very natural look but this shoot called out for something a little different :)

    @EmerJa - thank you so much. I adore Verity's styling!

    @Brita W - the little vintage beret?! :)

    @Jo - thanks so much Jo! I love you can probably tell!

  6. This is, well, I'm not even sure which words to use - 'deliciously pretty' and 'evocative' both feature somewhere in there. A perfect match between photographer, stylist, model and make up artist (lovely to see that it was Jessica!) Moonrise Kingdom is a favourite film of mine, and I love the allusions to it in the mixture of bittersweet innocence and tomboyish looks.

  7. Hey Miss Roz!!! I was just thinking about you on the weekend! How is university going? Coffee when you come to London?? And yes, love gorgeous Jess and Verity. Jess has just got an agent - woo hoo!

  8. Wow! Lovely!