Saturday, 18 January 2014

Weekend Life....North Fork, Long Island

North Fork, Long Island, NY, early September 2013. 

We took a couple of nights before NYFW in September to explore the North Fork of Long Island. As you can see from the photographs it was grey and rainy (clearly I like to take the British weather with me when I travel!) but we still had a wonderful time pottering about farm shops, eating lobster rolls & clam strips and taking the car ferry over to Shelter Island and Sag Harbour (while listening to Billy Joel "The Downeaster Alexa"*)

Things we loved:

Briermere Farms pies: Although a little on the sweet side (nothing a good splodge of thick double cream wouldn't have sorted out had we had some) it was a mighty fine apple pie with lovely flaky pastry. And still fragrant and warm when we picked it up - a delicious treat after our long flight and drive from JFK.

The Lunch Truck at North Fork Table &Inn: Lobster roll + gazpacho. Go early (or late!) to snag one of the rustic chairs and tables in the clearing behind the lunch truck, or take a picnic blanket to

Fork and Anchor, East Marion: A very sweet little general store which serves great coffee and light lunches/breakfasts. Really friendly service as well. And it is just down the road from the beautifully fragrant (even at the end of the season) Lavender By The Bay.

Espresso, Sag Harbour: I wrote about this place on our last visit to Sag Harbour and it was just as nice this time around. With torrential rain, thunder and lighting outside, we were tucked up safe and sound inside with an enormous omelet to share.

The Dock House, Sag Harbour: Clam strips and chowder.

*Such a beautiful song which I desperately hope he sings at Madison Square Garden.


  1. The weather actually added some extra wonderfulness to the pics.... nice post.x

  2. love this pics! remember me on my childhood:)

  3. your photos of landscapes have something special: they always make me come to tears

  4. beautiful photography, love this post! :) x

  5. @Q - it was definitely atmospheric! There was SO much rain at one point that we were worried roads would be blocked and we would be trapped at Sag Harbour for the night.

    @July - that is so nice :))

    @leontine - you are too kind, that is so so nice to hear. Thank you.

    @Islay- thanks so much!

  6. Wow, these are absolutely gorgeous photos! You have a distinct talent. That looks like a wonderful vacation spot!


  7. Sag Harbor is hands down one of my favorite places. Thanks for sharing these photos!

  8. Your pictures are stunning and capture a simple Americana at its best. Thanks for sharing!