Saturday 29 March 2014

Weekend Life....Horses Running in The Snow (Vista Verde Ranch, Colorado)

Vista Verde Ranch, Colorado, late January 2014.

Nothing much absolutely nothing in focus here but sometimes that isn't the point. Seeing these magnificent horses running in the falling snow at the Ranch was pretty incredible.

And I love the little ivory-coloured horse coming up on the inside, trying its hardest to keep up with the bigger horses. Sometimes I feel like that ;)


  1. So beautiful‼

  2. @duckalicious - it was so amazing being there - I think I was so overwhelmed by the noise, the falling snow and the power of the horses that I forgot all about focusing the camera!

    @Susy- I know right?! you can't beat the beauty of animals :)

  3. Now that I'm living in Colorado, I'm sad we missed each other again! Isn't Colorado just the most gorgeous place?! I'm obsessed with my new home in Denver.