Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Paris Couture Fashion Week AW 2014....Elena

Elena Perminova, before Dior Couture, Paris, July 2014.


  1. My inner magpie loves all the shininess of this outfit, especially with the sunglasses! You wouldn't think that the sleek metallic dress and sunglasses would pair well with a straw boater hat but somehow, it works. Sort of a futuristic boater schoolgirl vibe? Something like that.
    Also, I love the little details in the dress. The slight origami look in the front and the creases in the back make the A-line silhouette so much more interesting.

    1. Me too Alice!!! I love everything about this on Elena (and really I can't imagine it on anyone other than Elena!). The boater hat (definitely a schoolgirl vibe) with the cute mini dress could go horribly wrong but somehow it works on Elena. And she looks so happy (and not like she has just had another baby!).

    2. She just had another baby? :O Wow...something I didn't mention was how impressed I was with her legs. Even in flats, they look so long and toned. Looks like I have some inspiration for hitting up the gym now!