Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Paris Couture Fashion Week AW 2014....Nausheen

Stylist Nausheen Shah, after Giorgio Armani Prive, Paris, July 2014.


  1. This dress is gorgeous- I especially love the color, it looks stunning on her <3 The bag really highlights the matching black trims of the dress, adding to the chicness. I'm not a massive fan of the shoe, a black or gold find may have worked a bit better. Nevertheless she looks fabulous :)


    1. I was just thinking like, most people would wear black shoes instead, but this looks cool... This way it looks like she's not trying too hard.

  2. @Naz - it is such a gorgeous dress isn't it!

    @Tonia Rose - I agree Tonia but I absolutely love those sandals...they were so pretty in real life (where you can see the texture properly). The colour of the dress is just so beautiful on Nausheen....

    @J in Brazil - I sometimes worry about matchy-matchy but because of the different textures here, I think the sandals work beautiful!