Saturday, 29 August 2015

Paris Fashion Week SS 2015....Patricia

Patricia Manfield of The Atelier, before Kenzo, Paris, October 2014.
Thank you @Bree for letting me know Patricia's name!


  1. the fabulous Patricia Manfield of the also fabulous blog The Atelier :) xB.

    1. Ahhh! Thank you so much Bree!!!! Again!!! I need to send you a box of chocolates :))))

    2. no worries Vanessa! The funny thing is, I'm actually terrible with names in real life! But when it comes to remembering who's who on the fashion scene my brain decides to cooperate which is a weird skill (don't think there's much call for it in the industry!!!) And noooo! I should be buying you chocolates for consistently having one of the best sites on earth for years! xB.

    3. You are so lovely Bree!!! I am rotten with names in real life too :))) I remember faces but find names more tricky. And because of how fast-paced this all is, I barely get to speak let alone ask names anymore. So thank you again for all your help!!!

    4. Vanessa you are 100% welcome. It's my pleasure. You do so much fabulous work and share it with us all the time without asking for anything in return... It's the least I can do! I kinda like the puzzle of it in working out who's who in the hood... and my ex bf is a photographer and I was his assist here & there (so I know how little time you get with them & I also know that being a photogs assistant chasing the person to get their name or other details is a really painful gig that is often impossible, so being able to figure out who they are after the fact became pretty handy to me at times!). No thanks necessary at all. :) xB.