Thursday 22 December 2016

The New Garconne: How to be a Modern Gentlewoman ❤ ❤ ❤

This is a long overdue post on the most beautiful book authored by my friend Navaz Batliwalla: The New Garconne, How to be a Modern Gentlewoman

I am so proud of Navaz and so very honored to have a selection of my streetstyle images included in this stunningly written and beautifully composed book. It is one of those books that I didn't want to end: I wanted there to be a 100 more interviews with inspirational woman (some of whom I have been fortunate enough to have photographed over the years) and places to source curated essentials.

If you are in need of last minute gift ideas for friends or family, The New Garconne is just gorgeous and looks so pretty on a table or bookshelf (the perfect blush pink cover works so well with white, grey, green, brass....pretty much every pinterest-y popular colour!). If I didn't already own a copy, I would have loved to have received this on Christmas morning.

p.s. Other last minute gift ideas:

HAY Cap Bottle Opener  A gorgeous gold-tone bottle opener which is going in the Santa sack this year. (We recently moved - nightmare* - and I packed all the Champagne stoppers, bottle openers etc away safely that I now cannot locate them. No doubt they will be unearthed after the next move!). I love the colour and tone of this one.... pretty enough to actually be able to leave on the Christmas table rather than hidden away in the kitchen. For those of you who live in London, La Fromagerie, Marylebone had plenty of stock of these in-store earlier in the week.

Cire Trudon Carmelite candle  One of my favourite candles for the festive season which would make a beautiful gift for someone special, male or female. The fragrance reminds me of travelling in Europe and wandering around ancient stone churches - the smell evokes so many memories (whispers, cold stone, lit candles, the sun streaming through stained glass windows). 

Cultiver Linen I love my sheets and duvet cover from The Linen Works but I was looking for a washed linen cover (not quilted) that I could just throw over the bed which would look effortlessly casual with little effort from me. Enter Australian brand Cultiver Linen and their sublime linen bedcovers. Perfection. This was the only linen throwover bedcover that I could find which did not have seams, it is just one piece of fabric. It puddles beautifully on the floor and gives a relaxed, easy look (I purchased the white). I love it (and the pillowcases), the quality is outstanding. So if you know someone who appreciates gorgeous bed or table linen, a Cultiver gift card would be perfect (they ship worldwide). 

Tartine Bread cookbook. I was lucky enough to attend a dinner party at the home of the cheese buyer for Neal's Yard Dairy recently and alongside an incredible selection of cheese was the most delicious sourdough bread I have ever tasted. I thought it must have come from a secret underground bakery that only those people in the London food industry know about but I was informed it was homemade, and a copy of Tartine Bread was promptly thrust into my hands. I didn't know it was possible to make such amazing sourdough at home (without an Aga, woodfired oven etc etc etc) but apparently it is possible and the answer is in this book! Hence it is going in the Santa sack this year. 

Diptyque 34 Boulevard Saint Germain Room Spray A sophisticated scent that has been a godsend in trying to mask an odd smell which permeates our new home. It is a very strong scent so you only need a couple of sprays (and it lingers for ages). This would be a lovely thank-you gift if you are staying at somebody else's home over the holidays. 

The Laundress laundry liquid  I use The Laundress Signature Detergent only for my bedlinen - the smell is simply beautiful (it evokes memories of freshly washed and folded sheets which have been dried on the backyard line in Australia!). You don't need much so while expensive, the bottle lasts for a long time. A wonderful stocking filler (along with some linen napkins perhaps).

*I am in awe of those people who embrace moving home and do it regularly!


  1. Love this book! Can't wait to get hold of it and flick through it myself!

  2. Thank you thank you Vanessa for your amazing pics which added another lovely timeless dimension to the book AND for your in-credible patience with us (Omg flashback to last Christmas!!). Mery Christmas to you andyours and I do home you locate those pesky bottle openers soon! :)

    1. So bluddy proud of you Navaz - what an achievement! The book is so beautiful and just so wonderfully written and put together. Perfection. Now waiting for the next one!!!! P.s. Found the whole bag of champagne stoppers and corkscrews yesterday in a place someone else swore they didn't put them!!!!