Friday, 27 January 2017

Weekend Life.....Winter Inspiration (#1)

Winter Inspiration (#1)

Creamy green hellebores (the loveliest of flowers which emerge in mid to late winter), cherry blossoms, inky black candles to make a dull, grey afternoon a bit more bearable, flushed cheeks - natural or courtesy of a dab of rosebud pink blush, snow covered buildings and footpaths (alas not in London), soft charcoal wool blankets (sofa-time), textured ceramics to serve steaming bowls of soup or a colourful winter salad, rainy day (lost umbrellas), deep violet silk-satin paired with a graphic neck scarf, lips the colour of an autumnal black dahlia with heavily lined eyes (s*rew the rules).  Winter.

Black dinner candles (mine are Tom Dixon but I don't think you can buy them anymore)

Eric Bonnin black vase from the beautiful Spartan Shop, Austin

Charcoal grey throw blanket (mine isn't available anymore but Urbanara has similar throws).

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