Thursday, 30 March 2017

Weekend Life....Spring Inspiration (#2)

Spring Inspiration ((#2) 

Glorious spring days: the beauty of vibrant fuzzy yellow mimosa blossoms against a clear blue sky; the scent of daphne in the still of early morning; the prospect of only another month (or two if we are unlucky!) of wearing multiple the meantime wear a neon yellow bra under a sweater to remind of summer's approach; golden afternoon light on sandstone buildings; a pop of red (a la Gala with her gorgeous scarlet bag) or stunning top to bottom suiting (Erin, who can do no wrong); tiny robins - my favorite bird - building their nests (I can't begrudge the birds that have decided my hanging basket makes wonderful nesting material....I just rather wish they would leave my geraniums alone though! They only just survived the winter frosts.).

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  1. Beautiful photos :)

    Maria V.