Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Going ever so slighty Shouty-Crackers...

It is one of the most splendid Winter days we have had in London so far this season (so much so that my beloved MetCheck Weather even went as far as having a pulsating sun- completely unheard of!- for today's forecast) and I am stuck inside with flu waiting for the UPS man to arrive with a delivery- ack*

I am itching to get outside and bang off a few rounds with the Nikon but unfortunately UPS deliver "between 9am and 7pm and cannot specify a specific delivery time within that window" I am stuck. inside. going ever so slightly Shouty-Crackers.

To relieve my need to press the shutter button, I photographed my new Reindeer mug for y'all to see (exciting life I lead, huh?!) It came all the way from Starbucks...yeah, I admit that I sometimes grab a cheeky Starbucks if I am not anywhere near my usual coffee haunts :)

In other (much more interesting) news, a big shout out to Master Riley Elliott (son of lawyer extraordinaire Ms Heidi Elliott) who has, at the ripe old age of 2, behaved splendidly in his 2nd encounter with the Big Fella himself, Father Christmas. Here is an excerpt from Ms Elliott's email:

" We took him for his Santa photo. Was a bit worried as last year he went mental and we had to sit with him. This year he just marched right on up to the big fella, put his arms up to be picked up, sat on Santa's knee and told him he wanted a "BIKE!!!!" for christmas, smiled for his photos and then when Santa gave him a lollipop he said "THANKS Santa!!" "

I am loving Master Elliott's direct approach- no pussy footing around for this little chap!

*"ack"- does this word remind anyone else of a large labrador (aka the Hoover of the canine world) throwing up a half digested smelly sock?

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