Friday, 19 December 2008

Running of the Bulls.....London Style

Take a long, hard look at this cow- note its beady eyes fixed intently on the camera (and hence your Blogger), its tongue licking its chops tastily, its "I am Cow, hear me Roar" (or moo, whatever) stance....because yesterday, dear blog fans, this BEAST tried its damndest to send your London correspondent to a place where blogging would be no more...

It all started innocently enough with me snapping and chatting away (there was no one around to witness my odd behaviour in case you are wondering!) to the sheep and 2 cows which live in a large field attached to Mudchute Farm which is just behind Canary Wharf (financial district) in London. Next thing I know, there is a massive prancing, lunging, "jumping" ANGRY COW coming at me-with hooves flying and nostrils flaring and snorting. This thing clearly thought that it was in the Running of the Bulls and that I was one of the willing participants.

In the split second I had to think about matters, I was in disbelief going"this cannot be happening to me- this is NOT how the fairytale is suppose to end!" Then I just started running while squealing at it "No, No, PLEASE, STOP (since when did a charging cow have manners??) NOOOOOO!!!!" Luckily there was a bit of an embankment behind me and I managed to run up it and get out of the Beast's way, saving myself from consequences I don't even want to think about.

Needless to say I was in a bit of shock afterwards and spent some time cursing and yelling at the cow (from a safe distance of course!) trying to make myself feel better.

Lovin' the fro on this little is like a full frontal comb-over!:

Run little sheeps Run...though I would avoid those BEASTLY cows in the distance if I was you!

Is this not the cutest face EVER??? He is a Gloucester Old Spot Pig (a rare breed which was typically reared in orchards, living off the fruit that fell to the ground before it rotted) and made the sweetest, happiest little pig squeaking, snuffling noises. I so want one- or two!

Note to Mr Messy and Mr Mark Cusack- keep your greedy little eyes off this darling piggy. He is NOT for consumption :)

I have my eye on Ewe! (sick joke, I know)

p.s. when I showed Mr Messy the photos of the BEAST COW this morning, his response was "oh, its just a little calf." Hellllllllloooooooooo!!!! when a leaping, jumping BEAST is coming at you full pelt, it doesn't MATTER how big it is.It is the FEAR that counts :)

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  1. Oh wow! That must have been terrifying! Although, I must rather sheepishly (hehe... as in the sheep in your shots) admit that I was giggling away when reading this post. You most certainly have a way with words, in addition, of course, to the way you have with a camera. What a wonderful discovery this blog has been, I will definitely keep reading it. Keep up the glorious work! :)