Thursday 19 March 2009

Street Style: Spring has (almost sprung) and Stylish Faces

I realise my blog looks and feels like it is suffering from bipolar disorder- one minute I am on about travel in Istanbul or whining about our boiler going wrong (and have I mentioned the little mouse situation?!) and the next I am taking photographs of street style. If you, dear blog fan, are a bit dizzy from the lack of direction, then I am positively vertiginous!

Until I figure out exactly what I want/should/need to focus on, y'all going to have to just sit tight, fasten your seat belts and grip your sick bag- the ride could be a bumpy one :)

Which brings me to this post and the emergence of Spring-like weather in London. Damn, and ain't it fine! The sky is azure blue, the air warm (I heard one miserable sod complain it was too hot yesterday- helllllooooo), the daffodils have popped open and trans-seasonal dressing is in full swing. Because while it is wonderfully warm in the sun, move into the shade, hop off the tube or bus and there is still a little nip in the air.

What to wear now? I spotted this woman (above) and thought she looked fabulous....actually I noticed her beautiful hair first (if that isn't recessionista hair- no thrice weekly blow-dry required here- then I don't know what is), then her cute, fresh stripey dress, then her deep caramel trench and then her jewellery. You probably can't see from the photographs but she had a stunning jade and gold necklace and two fab rings. Jewellery can make an outfit, non?

And about that hair....she is a perfect example of how to do loooooooong, loooooooong hair for those of us who are over the age of 29 :):) Not everybody can manage it (there is a fine line between a glorious mane of hair tumbling wildly down your back and looking like a 40 year old High School Musical drop-out): Jennifer Aniston can, Demi Moore can, as can Gwyneth and Tamara Mellon. Check it (below). Oh yes, and she is giving me the thumbs up sign- she was running to catch a cab while on her mobile when I signalled if I could take her photo....

This sun- I love it- but I need to learn how to shoot in it. I am so used to the grey, dull sky in London that each time I try to take someone's photo, I end up either blinding them, blowing out the highlights, or shooting blindly. So the next few photos are the ones I managed to salvage- yeah, they are (almost) all close-up shots....

Karina (who is English but lives in Australia- I thought she was an Aussie at first- her accent was almost as strong as mine...almost!):


Hannah (that gorgeous red hair!):

This gentleman was an absolute delight: funny, stylish and with that terrific moustache. Sure, he might not be wearing an outfit straight from the pages of this month's GQ but he was wearing something which suited him and looked fabulous:

Seoulee from Korea:

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