Monday 23 March 2009

Street Style: Tom Ford and Westwood on the Streets of London

I spied this gentleman strolling with his beautiful wife and young baby and had to catch my breathe at his impeccably tailored jacket and pants...."And are you wearing anyone in particular?" "Tom Ford" Ahhhhhh, but of course!

Tom Ford is a master of proportion....well, he is, I am quite sure, the master of quite a few other things as well- but that's another story ;) "I don’t believe in playing around much with suit cuts. I like a fairly classic shape that gives a man strong shoulders, a fitted waist, and long legs. Classic simplicity always works". I didn't get a photograph of the back of the jacket but it fitted like a glove- creating a perfect, beautiful line. Is it just me or do bespoke-ish suits make a man automatically stand up straighter? (rather like having an in-built schoolmarm who hisses in your ear to "sit up straight, don't slouch" for 8 hours a day!) London is one of those places where you still see men who really "dress" on a daily basis and this gentleman was a marvellous example- casual yet oh so smart. Luxury that whispers almost....

And the trousers? the length? I love them although it is probably one of those "proceed with caution" trends- not for everyone. In the Spring/Summer 09 campaign, Tom Ford shows this trouser length with no socks, but well, given we are only just getting our first rays of sunshine in London for the season, socks with shoes are infinitely more sensible. Mmmm and did I mention that Tom Ford photographed his SS 09 advertising campaign as well? Arghhhhhhh is there anything this man cannot do well?

I was musing to myself after taking this photograph that Tom Ford should outfit Daniel Craig for the next Bond Film - especially with this new trouser length. A more modern Bond, no? But then I thought there may be problems trying to conceal his, um, weapons with those trousers (snigger, snigger! okaaaay, I admit that I am more than a little childish) Anyway, so then I remembered that Tom Ford DID dress Daniel Craig for Quantum of Solace. Urgh, I am so behind the times it is almost funny. Almost.

And then is Magnus, a designer, in his most fabulous, very Spring jacket by Vivienne Westwood.
A completely different look from the gentleman above (jacket worked back with jeans) but it works equally as well:

I wanted a close-up of Magnus as I loved his bone earring- quirky, cool and, well, I want a pair! Magnus designs for a jeans label (which he is wearing) which I can't for the life of me remember the name of...Magnus, if you see this can you leave a comment re your jeans?!

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