Tuesday 24 March 2009

Street Style.... Oui, Hermès!

Oooppphhhhffff....it is only lunchtime and my head is already crying out for panadol and a soothing lie-down in a quiet, darkened ("draw the curtains won't you darling") room. What has caused this pounding fracas in my head I hear you ask? A night out at Claridge's sipping, no, guzzling, copious amounts of Ruinart Blanc de Blancs? A 15km early morning jog around the streets of London followed by a "gentle" pilates session to warm down*? An unfortunate "incident" in Mayfair with Nicola Roberts (from Girls Aloud) and her boyfriend?** Pah! No, our apartment building seems to have turned into a construction site of Candy&Candy-esque proportions overnight- the banging, the drilling, the relentless hammering - all seemingly being carried out directly above my head. Apart from the hideous noise, the high-pitched drilling is a constant reminder that I need to go to the dentist....

And so to today's post... some Hermès to soothe and swoon over. For yes, every time I see a Hermes Birkin I swoon (and probably drool) in a very unattractive manner. For me, IT bags come and go but a Hermes Birkin remains forever: classic, elegant, understated..... and I am quite sure that it can hold a Nikon D200 or, perhaps even a Nikon D3 as well! And a Birkin is entirely ageless: whether you are in your twenties or your nineties it looks appropriate (oh how I would love to photograph a lady in her 'more mature years' carrying a Birkin- a mission for me to complete perhaps?)

Anyhow, this girl was fabulous. Do you note she is wearing fishnets with her little thong gladiator flats? (TopShop if you must know). How does one wear fishnets with a thong toe? Crikey, I have enough trouble with the thong post itself (anyone else need to "break in" their soft, delicate winter skin between Big Toe and Next Door Toe before wearing thongs in summer?Or is that just an Aussie thing?) let alone adding fishnet tights to the mix!

And beautiful Emily Zak of Vogue Magazine- so very, very elegant but with a little "pop" of glorious green studded Hermès around her waist to shake things up a bit. Oh Hermès how I love thee :)

*I hear you snickering- I so could jog 15km if I really tried....okaaaaay, so maybe 15km is a little ambitious...mmmm maybe more like 50 metres

**I still haven't decided whether
to blog about my um "incident" with Ms Roberts lest I come across like I have been sucking too many sour apple and custard sweeties ;-)


  1. C'mon!! Spill the beans on Ms Roberts. You know you want to...

    Oh and happy birthday to your D200's F-Mount (!) 50 years old this week and still going strong. Google 'D400'... it's incoming! Hopefully D4 soon after (the D300 and D3 were announced at the same time!)

  2. Hmmmm I am scouting the web trying to find out more about this D400! All VERY mysterious- 15.3mp, high ISO's, not full frame though? And the D4 you predict?!! So I just want the D3 to come down in price to affordable Messy levels- last time I looked (at the beginning of March) it had shot up another few hundred pounds from its previous price rise. Crikey. I am never going to get my hands on one at this rate....What really appeals to me about the D3 is the performance at high ISO levels (the D200 is horrid at about 640), the frames per second and the full-frame sensor. What doesn't appeal is the lack of dust removal system- but the D700 has this, no?
    Ah, alright, you've twisted my arm (ha ha- didn't take much!) I might just have to post about me and Ms Roberts!

  3. Hermes...can you really go wrong with any thing baring that label? It's so great they work so hard to prevent counterfeits so when you see that name, you know it's real. I just bought my first Hermes scarf and every time I wear it I feel so proud and swear that I glow...it evokes such a unique confidence and beauty. And the Birkin...a girl can dream ;-)

  4. I adore Ms Zak, she is just...perfection :) Thanks for this nice little pic and feature on her.