Wednesday 25 March 2009

Street Style...Inked

Are you inked?

I'm not...inked that is. Nor pierced (well, unless you count a teeny hole in each ear...speaking of which did you see Kate Moss has a whole heap of new ear piercings going on?). I've never been interested in getting a tattoo on any of my fleshy bits.... I am a Mr Wimpy when it comes to needles and, well, what exactly would I get inked with and where? It's all a bit too permanent for my liking. What if I get bored (I am an Aries after all:))? Change my mind 2 years down the track? And oh god, what about when I'm old, grey* and wrinkly? What then?

But other people's ink- oooooo I LOVE tattoos on other people. Whenever I see a tattoo "of interest" I want to find out more: when did you get it?, what does it mean?, who did it?, have you got more?, where?!!

I didn't get the answers to those questions when I took this guy's photograph (sometimes "the moment" is over too quick!) but I loved his ink- and the way he wore his clothes. Tough. but not too tough. Edgy perhaps? Those tattoos though? they were tough.

And this young guy? I liked the way he wore he moved when I held the camera up to my face- its nice when people move a bit when you shoot (not too much of course!)

*Actually, forget grey. I am never going grey (unless I am blessed with that exquisite silvery grey you see on some women). My beloved grandmother dyed her hair into her nineties- I intend to proudly follow suit.

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