Sunday, 29 March 2009

Street Style....Romper Suits and Shorty Shorts

Playsuits, Jumpsuits, Romper suits, Onesies- call them what you will, they are everywhere right now. And these ain't for babies-they are strictly "adults only" wear. Paired with flats for weekend day and vamped up with heels for night, they are a spring/summer must have. Net-a-Porter has a rather gorgeous Stella McCartney black silk tuxedo jumpsuit (and a sublime Yves Saint Laurent sequined strapless number), I spied a sweet striped See by Chloe romper suit in Liberty last week and Topshop even has an entire section on its website devoted to playsuits.

Frankly though, I see a little problem with these "all in one" numbers....there is no delicate way of putting it: how does one use the lavatory when one is wearing such a garment? Well, I mean obviously, being a girl, I can work it out but how excruciating having to undress almost entirely when using public facilities. Just my luck I would be, ummm, sitting* on the loo half naked and a little kid would pop his/her head underneath the cubicle wall and ask (very loudly) "Mummy, why is that lady doing pee pee's with no clothes on?". Oh the horror Most Excellent Blog Fans, the horror! And don't even get me started about having a few (too many) drinks while wearing a onesie!

Anyway, lovely Athena (top photo and below) looked fabulous wearing her romper suit and I am quite sure that she managed to use the facilities in a very dignified manner :)

And I loved Lucy in her pretty blue shorty shorts (below):

*well, my mother always taught me that one should never "sit" on a public toilet seat so lets pretend that all toilets have those little plastic disposable toilet seat covers shall we? (In Istanbul the electric ones were very popular- I could have whiled away a good hour or so just pressing the little button and watching the "new" toilet cover arrive! Small things do seem to amuse me....)

I have developed a little backlog of photos so if I have taken your photo over the last few days, bear with me. It will probably take me a week or so to post all of them.

p.s. Completely unrelated to fashion, I was excited to see a post by The Digital Trekker (Matt Brandon) showcasing some photographs his daughter, Jessie, had taken with his camera. I am a big fan of Matt's work and his daughter is showing the same remarkable talent. Check out the post here. Guess how old Jessie is? 12!!!

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