Monday 30 March 2009

Street Style....Turquoise Accents

If you know me, you know that I just LOVE jewellery - more than I love clothes, handbags, shoes, my camera....ha ha just tricking y'all. 'Course I don't love jewellery more than the Nikon! But only just.

What do I love about jewellery so much? Its ability to transform an outfit, the history that one teeny little piece can hold, the fact that it (and the accompanying memories) can be passed down from generation to generation, the ability of a treasured piece to instantly lift one's mood, its beauty, its meaning to the wearer....mmmmmm and the fact that it fits no matter how many packets of chewy caramel Tim Tams one has devoured in the past few months!

And I especially love turquoise jewellery. And I extra especially love it on this exquisite woman I photographed on the weekend. Okay, so I know that the strap of her handbag isn't exactly a piece of jewellery but it works in the same way. And her you see them? Oh my, I want them both! The turquoise and silver one? Simply sublime.

I love everything about how this woman is dressed-almost a little Ralph Lauren when he takes inspiration from the Navajo Indians. I would look ridiculous carrying a furry bag like that (on me it would look like I was carrying a stuffed toy gorilla won at the local village fete) but she pulls it off so effortlessly. What do I adore most about her though? Her fabulous smile.

We love a great smile :)

um, and jewellery!

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