Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Street Style...We *heart* Marc Jacobs

Have you seen Marc Jacobs lately? Damn Skippy! He is HOT- like not just smokin' hot but roaring bonfire "is this thing under control?" HOT! I came across the photograph of Marc shot by Terry Richardson for US Harpers Bazaar magazine wearing nothing but some Stephen Sprouse-inspired graffiti and a, ahem, strategically placed Sprouse for Louis Vuitton bag. And I can tell you that he looked mighty FINE. How can I have missed his transformation? I must have had my head buried in "how to" photography books for the past year ;-)

And just why am I banging on about how cut Marc Jacobs is? Well this gorgeous girl is sporting a Marc Jacobs coat (I think she said it was Marc Jacobs and not Marc by Marc Jacobs) and I love it! The flirty little spots, the gold buttons and detailing, the beautiful navy colour- so much to love. And her shoes? Pierre Hardy for GAP. We like :)


  1. this coat is amazing

  2. yes, it is pretty beautiful, huh? Helps that the wearer is beautiful as well!