Thursday 21 May 2009

Street Style....Paris is Burning

Title has nothing to do with this amazing couple- just a hint (alrighty so granted it isn't a very subtle hint!) as to where I may be off to tomorrow morning at some ridiculously early hour :) Oh, and I am listening to Ladyhawke on the iPod at the moment.

I wanted to do a collage of this couple's photos rather than upload three separate photos but I couldn't work out how to do it in blogger (all that coding makes me woozy) so you got three separate photos!

I just love the chemistry between them...smokin'!


  1. This is so funny, I saw this girl on Oxford street on wednesday, in this outfit, and I was betting with myself she would end up on a street style blog! xxx

  2. You need to download Picasa (it's free from Google) and that makes collaging a piece of cake! I only just figured it out myself.

  3. wow! another amazing couple picture!.....what a beautiful girl, she looks like a rock star! hannah, xx

  4. Thanks guys for your comments!
    Mademoiselle Robot- that is so weird that you saw her as well!
    Shoegal- thank you so much!! I need to download and start playing as I CANNOT workout how to do it in blogger via coding.
    Hannah- you are lovely :):) She does look like a rock star. I just love the way they are holding hands and the way she was looking at him.

  5. be in love like that..I can only hope for it again..

  6. Anon- oh yeah, you just can't manufacture that kind of chemistry, huh?!