Thursday, 21 May 2009

Street Style....The Crochet Dress

I know, I know- two very similar photos of the gorgeous Vikki but I am in an indecisive mood and couldn't decide which one I liked better. So you have both of them :)

I am suppose to be packing for a little trip tomorrow (clue to destination in next post!) but instead am dithering about uploading pics, responding to emails, reading the London Lite, loading the dishwasher and, well, generally doing anything except packing. Only one thing worse than packing for me, and that is unpacking.

Today I caught up for coffee with my fellow street style blogger, Mr Wayne Tippets of Street Style Aesthetic. Wayne's photos are, well..... just check out his site and you'll know why I was reluctant to give you the link! I might have no blog readers left after you check out his photos :) However Wayne is such a lovely guy with a cheeky sense of humour and a load of wonderful stories to tell that I couldn't resist sharing.

I have been quietly stalking Wayne's blog since LFW earlier this year when we met as I was chatting to the talented Craig Arend of Altamira NYC. I was having a little whine (who, me?!) about the winter light in London and Wayne gently reminded me that it is all about harnessing, understanding and working with the light rather than having a whinge about it :)

Um, so check out Wayne's site (and Craig's) but remember to pleeeeeaase come back and visit me!

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  1. This is delightful, I love the combination of girlie/prissy (in a good way) crochet with a slouchy boho hat....what a fabulous face she has too!