Friday 10 July 2009

London Street Style....Statement Earrings


Statement Earrings from Mexico

And her hair? Oh yeah, that IS statement hair....absolutely perfect for setting off those earrings

Somehow even scraping back hair into a tight pony would seem like cheating.... Short hair = owning it*

*I, however, am exempt from the short hair cut. I had one dalliance with short hair and I have one word for y'all: H I D E O U S. Okay, so maybe I combined it with (gulp) a perm (it was the early 90's!) which may have tipped me over the edge from looking Sarah O'Hare/Linda Evangelista fabulous to looking more like a poodle had fallen asleep on my head :)


  1. This portait shows that the hair-cut makes the look perfect.
    Congratulations for the two pictures


  2. Great too...
    When could I'll see a picture of you Vanessa ?

    Good night from Paris

  3. Fred- Thank you Fred!
    Adrien- I think you will be waiting a LOOOOOONG time!!!!!!!