Friday 10 July 2009

Running with the Fash Pack....Paris Men's Collections SS 2010

Louise Ebel

Aka Miss Pandora. Her blogspot, Miss Pandora Pandora (click here), is like a treasure chest full of gorgeous photos taken by the best street style photographers, Garance, Nast, Altamira, The Sart, and Face Hunter. And two beautiful shoots by Alix, The Cherry Blossom girl.

Oh, I suspect I could photograph Louise every day and never get bored. I think she looks like an ethereal nymph here but with a thoroughly modern twist: her trademark black glasses and looong legs*.
Sorry you can't see her looong legs but I sort of cut 'em off :(


  1. This is a very nice photo!
    Lucy =)

  2. How does she always look so stunning?!

  3. I thought this was a new blog. I'm glad I discovered you via Pandora and I hope others will do as well. You take very eyecatching pictures!

  4. There is something interesting about your blog which at first I can't quite put a finger on until I've browsed a couple of photos. I think it's the way you capture your subjects. They're full of life and seem to be in motion and not just posing.

  5. Hi from Paris Vanessa !
    Don't you think you could add a blogroll on your blog with swaping links.
    I guess you could have more comments
    In my opinion, your work deserve it !
    Anyway you are now linked to Easy Fashion Paris


  6. I love this girl !

  7. Hi Vanessa! We met briefly in front of Tate Britain the other day - your photographs are wonderful! Too great to have every been a lawyer ever, can i say?

    All the best luck,


  8. Well said, Anonymous.

    Love those floral headdresses.

  9. It looks like she's walking down the streets every day and no nothing else, because she has been photographed by every streetstyle fashion blogger!

    I want to become her boyfriend.

  10. Lucy, Jing, Breeahna, Adrien and Jack- I know! I have never seen a bad picture of Louise. She is just one of those girls that floats along looking fabulous ALL of the time!
    Anonymous (x 2!)- thank you both (errr, I don't think you are the same person?!). I find it a challenge to capture that balance between posing, looking natural and looking interesting yet flattering it is something I struggle with each time I go out with my camera. Sometimes I have an idea of how I want a photograph to look in my head but it just doesn't work out in practice in the little time that I get to spend with people. Hopefully, with a little more experience and practice, it will get easier :)
    Jack- ha ha Jack! Get back to work on your thesis!
    Fred- Thank you, Fred :) I have thought and thought and thought about including a blogroll but worry that I would end up with one about two thousand miles long and noone would look at it anyway! Mmmmm but maybe I should consider it or at least have a "revolving" one like Craig from Altamira NYC....
    Cameron- The headresses go global!!

  11. heejade- Jade, whoops, I forgot to say hello to you! Thank you so much for the chat and allowing me to take your photo- hopefully I will see you again at the Tate! :)