Tuesday 14 July 2009

Running with the Fash Pack.....Paris Men's Collections SS 2010

My love of girls with short hair continues!

Eva Fontanelli, stylist, Elle Italia (above) who, the day before, was wearing the Louis Vuitton Bunny Ears*to accessorise her gorgeous crop outside the Hermes show while working on a (probably) secret squirrel fashion shoot with The Sartorialist!

Outside the Rick Owens show (below):

*Did y'all watch the video of Marc Jacobs talking about how the bunny ears came about? You can watch the video of Marc talking bunny, French courtesans, Madonna and clothes on the Louis Vuitton website here. Love the quote from Marc "Clothes, to me, mean nothing, it's the person in them, the person that gives them the life and the personality...."

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  1. I always feel a lil intimidated by ladies with short hair. They're always so....strict-kinda. I don't know how to explain. Just don't mess with them. :P