Tuesday 14 July 2009

Running with the Fash Pack...Paris Men's Collections SS 2010

Probably Jean-Paul Paula needs no introduction.

But here is an introduction anyway!

Meet Jean-Paul Paula

23 year old Model, Stylist and Editor at Mykromag, Designer and Performer and, it has to be said, one of the nicest guys to photograph and chat to at the shows. Jean-Paul was featured along with Bryan Boy, Yu Masui (who, incidentally, was wearing a fabulous sheer black lace slip outside the Rick Owens show and toting a HUGE Lanvin shopping bag- oh how I wanted to tip- toe over and take a peek at what he had purchased!) in an article in the New York Times/T magazine The Moment Blog entitled "The Next Level/Boys with Birkins". You can read the article here.

The gold rose Jean-Paul was wearing? I asked him and he said it was in "memory of someone who is no longer with us". I didn't pry and initially thought it was perhaps a friend who had passed away but now I remember that I took this photograph outside the Thierry Mugler show on the morning that Michael Jackson's death was announced. Perhaps it was for him...

Jean-Paul's blog, Jeaniuss, is here.


  1. Being bored at work led me to make a sketch of one of your beautiful portraits, figured I'd share with you the result


  2. Being bored at work led me to sketch one of your portraits, figured I'd share with you the result



  3. this person is a "perfection of ferocity on the leash"!

  4. I like this pic of him. Nice portrait.

    Good job, Vanessa.

  5. EYELOVET! should've got a groupshot With Bryan and Yu!hahahah