Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Running with the Fash Pack....Mr Karl Lagerfeld

Hollllllllllllllaaaaa, so you want to know how this photo of the legendary KL came about? YES we do!!!! I hear you cry :)

Okay, so I am going to tell you anyway, even if you don't really care one little iota. Well, the Dior Homme show was over and I was standing around chatting to a lovely guy, Adrien, who told me that Karl Lagerfeld was rumoured to be at the show. Ahhh but of course given that he shot Kris Van Assche's first collection for the Dior Homme campaign. Anyhoo, so I spotted Lily Cole heading around the back (all fun things seem to happen at the back of the shows not at the front ;-) and thought I should go and investigate with the Nikon.... you know, just in case Mr Lagerfeld was there.

I headed around the back and yep, there he was being interviewed! For a girl who grew up in Brisbane, Australia, just getting to lay my eyes on Karl Lagerfeld in person was a marvellous thrill. So I tried getting some candid shots of him through the wire fencing that separated me from the fashionable people (think: a visit to the zoo but substitute the animals for exquisitely dressed men and women) but my lens was too big and I kept getting bits of wire in the shot. So I almost gave up and almost walked away......

And then he left. And I kind of left as well. And I kind of happened to be going the exact same way he was going ;-) And well, here is the result.

Not my best photo, but still it IS Mr Lagerfeld.

He was accompanied by two extremely good-looking men-I think one was Mr Lagerfeld's model and muse, Baptiste Giabiconi, and the other was maybe his bodyguard/assistant. Weirdly, the day before I was walking past the Colette store and I spotted Baptiste and the bodyguard/assistant pull up on a very large, very sexy scooter...and I wondered who they were. Mr Lagerfeld's ride? An extremely large Hummer!


  1. awesome story and F U P this is just amazing !!!! Good work Nedda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. LEGEND.

    so pleased for you! i would have peed myself in excitement. seriously :)

  3. this is a great photo! shooting under pressure is part of the beauty of it! and what a great story to accompany it. sooo jealous.


  4. Definitely one of your best- and what a subject!
    This is indeed Running with the Fash Pack. Amazing stuff! Love your work A Lister :)

  5. If there's one picture I wanna make in the world of Fashion, it's a pic of HIM. Lucky you. I so envy you, I feel like pinching you!!

  6. I love your blog and they way you compliment amazing photos with cute and insightful commentary!
    Keep it up x

  7. Thanks everyone for your lovely and encouraging comments- totally what keeps me going!! I was so pleased that my camera didn't take that moment to seize up or die or whatever (you know how those type of things ALWAYS happen at the most important moment- never when it doesn't matter so much?!). I think I would have cried if that had happened. Maybe I would have still told the story of how I almost got a photo of Mr Lagerfeld.... but perhaps it would have been like the size of the fish that got away story- noone would have believed me!

  8. Congratulations! =)
    Lucy =)

  9. Wow, you better go buy a lotto ticket! Incredible. Was he cool about you taking his picture?

  10. How fun!
    I just recently created a fake Karl for a party/weird photo shoot, and I can not imagine how it felt to be in his real presence.... so cool!
    (here is my version.....

  11. Thanks Lucy!

    John Danner- Excellent idea! Then, if I won the lotto, I could actually afford a little Chanel in my life :) Yes, he would lovely about having his photo taken- very gracious and patient.

    Discofunbath-oooooo that sounds very fun! I will check out the results!!