Monday, 6 July 2009

Running with the Fash Pack...Paris Men's Collections SS 2010

I think she looks like a beautiful, modern day cavewoman.....maybe what Pebbles from the Flintstones would wear when she grew up (and, errr, if she was living in the noughties going to the shows in Paris!) : the fur, the beaded necklace with the saber-teeth, the "deconstructed" shorty shorts paired with the white tank and perfectly mussed up hair.


  1. Pretty, but she must have been hot! (literally then)

  2. She looks amazing to me. Spot on with the Pebbles comment ; )

    I would love to rock this entire outfit. Messy hair is a must.

  3. i am so loving the vest

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  4. Kim- ha ha! Yep, she must have been a wee bit warmish with the vest but kept it cool with the tank and the shorts. I did see other people, however, who looked like they were wearing their entire winter wadrobe! And let me tell you it was HOT HOT HOT in Paris!
    Karen- Thanks Karen- you WOULD rock that outfit- your hair would look fabbo with that vest. I think she was wearing doc Martens with her shorts but I could see some high booties working equally as well.
    Preppygoesrock- yeah me too. Love that rich colour.