Friday, 24 July 2009

WOUND Magazine: The Boys

The Boys at WOUND magazine's launch of Wound Digital and iWound.

Y'all remember Tamer (above)? This is the third time I have photographed Tamer for the blog (click here for Tamer in his cowboy boots and trench way back in April). In a weird twist, I picked up a copy of LOVE magazine a few days after the party and lo and behold there is Tamer featured in an article! Not only is he a stylist, he also makes up 1/3 (vocals) of glam electric trio Pandering&the Golddiggers. Check 'em here on MySpace. Their song Disco Bloodbath is freakin' naughty hot- it is the kind of song that would never fail to get me on the dancefloor to show off my, um, moves :) Love their influences: "Words and Wigs, Dictionaries and Designers, Linguistics and Lashes, Colloquialisms and Couture".

He was sporting all Tom Ford:


  1. Second gent sports a look I might wear.

  2. Kay and Cameron- yup, Tamer's style might be a bit hard for us mere mortals to pull off but the 2nd and 3rd guys have elements that are workable for most men.