Friday 24 July 2009

WOUND magazine: The Faces

Some of the girls at the Wound party at the ICA:

The light was a bit tricky inside and my camera doesn't like ISO's above about 400 (and I wasn't using flash) so I did what any photographer who can't be bothered messing around in lightroom/photoshop for hours does: I converted to black and white! And, in the case of the very bottom photo, I processed the absolute crap out of it in photoshop :)

I have photographed my Brooklyn girl before-at London Fashion Week way back in Feb! You can have a peek here.

And I have photographed this model (she is with Models One) before as well: at The Clothes Show, London. She is a studying at university and models part time in her uni break. She was demonstrating the iWound application for iPhone which was rather intriguing....especially for me who is without an iPhone (I have a bad track record with small, expensive electronic items: some of you might recall the incident involving my new mobile phone and the toilet earlier this year ;-))


  1. Extremely well taken pictures.

    I do suggest you upload the pictures somewhere else and put the link of the file in the blogpost. That way the pictures will come about waaay better. Blogger is actually decreasing the quality of the pics to save space on the website.

    Best wishes.

  2. Is model topmost the lovely chameleon Romola Garai?

  3. great pics!

    oh and btw i just bought iWound for my new iphone..
    and it's such a good application.. im lovin it!