Friday 24 July 2009

WOUND magazine: The Girls

Squeaaaaaaaak. Rummage, Rummage Rummage. Thwack. YEOW!

That would be me opening my closet door, fossicking around for my white flag and getting thwacked in the head by a zillion things I've stuffed in there in an effort to be "tidy".... Yep, its been a long time between posts and I am madly waving my little white flag around in a hopeful attempt that I may still have some blog readers left.

I could tell you that I've been busy (true), my blogger photo upload button broke (false), my camera broke (also false), but the truth is, I think I just lost my mojo a little somewhere between Gare du Nord and St Pancras 3 weeks ago. It may have been that I left it on the station bench in Lille (we had a unscheduled Eurostar stop there) or maybe it slipped down behind Seat 17 in Coach 8 while I was napping- either way I haven't been "on the streets" very much at all since I got back to London. Fortunately, I am heading back to Paris tomorrow for the day* and will be able to collect my mojo on the way :)

One thing that did lure me out of my self-imposed home detention was the launch last week of WOUND magazine's WOUND digital (an on-line edition of the magazine) and iWound (a bespoke application for iPhone which gives you the magazine plus music and video content all at the um, touch, of a screen). The launch was held in the very beautiful "Nash" room on the first floor of the Institute of Contemporary Art, which is situated on The Mall and has wonderful views across St James's Park and Big Ben. The Rose champagne was flowing freely, the art work- from artists featured in the magazine- was fabulous (note to self: heavy camera + alcohol + v v expensive sculptures = dangerous), drag queen Jonny Woo was doing his thang dressed as a goose (damn he is a fine looking man under all that makeup!) and the music at the after party in the bar downstairs was pumping (the editorial director, Ken, was throwing moves that even I would be proud of!). It was an excellent night and I don't think it would have been just me who felt a little bit happier with the world the next morning- it is amazing how a fashion/art soiree can lift the spirits.

Rick Owens dress and Burberry boots:

Back of the Rick Owens dress:

Right then, I'm off to track down my mojo :)

*I will tell you all about how this little adventure came about next week!


  1. Hello Vanessa !
    You took a picture of me and my friend Charlotte in le Marais this afternoon :) I was pleased to meet you ! Thanks to your visit card I can discover your website : your photographs are really really really beautiful !! I add your blog to my favs immediately !
    Have a nice evening,

  2. It sounds like an amazing night! and it's so easy to loose your motivation for blogging sometimes - i actually deleted my blog for a month or two.
    The shoes the women in the last picture is wearing are amaaazing.

  3. Shoes and dress are both quite remarkably theatrical and from her expression, may I guess that she was wary of your approach? Well seen. I spent several futile lunch hours in Chattanooga's business district where the stylish people are so guarded. It must be those ivory towers. The young upstarts of the Southside dress to impress and are more than happy to share with me. Other fertile grounds are Frazier Avenue, our high street, Bluff View and the Walnut Street Pedestrian Bridge. I went looking for a change of scene and was rebuffed.

  4. Bonjour Marion! It was so lovely running into in le Marais yesterday! And I didn't even know it was "you" until I read your blog and recognised you from other style bloggers :) So happy I got to shoot you and your friend. Photos to come this week. Merci beaucoup, Marion
    Kay-yes, it was excellent! I was chatting to some bloggers yesterday on our day trip to Paris and we were talking about "blogger-burnout"- I think I might have had a dose of it ;-) Thank you so much for your encouragement and comments on my other photos.
    Cameron: Well, it was around 9pm and after I had had a couple of drinks- so I am not sure I was fully making much sense! I think she said she is a stylist and work for Giles Deacon hence her fantastic shoes and dress.
    Ah, yes, I know EXACTLY that feeling- there are certain places in London where I feel comfortable approaching people, whereas other areas I either can't find anyone OR I get rejections. So I tend to stick to the sameish areas...I hear your frustration!

  5. You make really good pictures! You're in my blogroll.