Monday 17 August 2009

London Street Style...Get On Your Boots*

A Canadian in London

Adore her simple white tank, the tiny pleats on her black skirt (note the kilt/safety pin on the side of her skirt) and those boots!

*Get on Your Boots, U2, No Line On the Horizon, 2009

Edit: Lucky magazine have featured some of my photos on their website in "Summer street style, Europe. You can check out the link here:


  1. this is such a carefree-esque yet "modelistic" ensemble! oh my i love love love the skirt. the structure and volume!

  2. Does she is wearing a crinoline under the skirt?! It looks so "poofy" (nice word!), I like it a lot!
    Congratulations on your feature, you totally deserve it :-)

  3. Amanda and May and AlicePleasance- YES! It does look like she is wearing a crinoline under her skirt doesn't it?! Perfectly poufy and structured :)
    p.s.Thanks Alice :):) I was so happy when they asked me!

  4. Those pleats are unique nor had I seen a kilt pin in years. Thanks for explaining the 'poof' and congratulations to your appearances in Lucky.

  5. I'm an avid reader of Lucky Magazine. Will check it out. Way to go, Ms. V! You deserve to be recognized for your work.

  6. I have discovered your blog since only a few days ago and i really like your pictures. You find such pretty stylish people and today i really like the simplicity of this girl and her boots are just perfect!

  7. that is an amazing skirt!
    nice photos too!


  8. Thanks everyone!!
    Cameron- I need to get myself to Scotland sometime to see the home of the kilt and, presumably, the kilt pin! I might even get a few kilt wearers to pose for the blog ;) :)
    Anon- thank you!!!!
    Miriam- hopefully she will read some of these comments!
    Cc- thanks CC- it is always lovely to get feedback (good and bad of course!) on the blog. I really liked the simplicity of her outfit too- I think the boots really made her stand out though...if she had of worn the same thing with trainers or thongs I am not sure it would have been as fab.
    Maya- thanks Maya :)