Thursday 13 August 2009

London Street Style...Mad About The Girl

And mad about this impossibly elegant summer dress from Pringle of Scotland.

I adore the little ribbon-tie detailing on the arms, waist and around the hem and the graphic green and yellow print. You can't really see it in the photo but film producer/director Lindsay was also wearing a beautiful gold pendant around her neck- it almost reminded me of the "hand" pendant that Matthew Williamson did a few seasons ago. Or perhaps a Julie Sandlau piece...

Perfect, understated Grace Kelly-ish elegance.


  1. That's definitely a great dress and I really like the sunglasses, they're the perfect accessory for her outfit :-)

  2. Yes, that is a beautifully fun dress!

  3. Good choice of shoe geometry, too.

  4. vanessa, i love this!
    her dress is brill
    and i lovee her haircut! xxxx

  5. AlicePleasance- I was thinking I would probably be tempted to have worn BIG Jackie O sunglasses...and I think it would have looked "too much". I think she has the perfect balance!
    Heather: Yes!!
    Glowing Doll: thank you so much for your lovely comment- it is so encouraging to hear :):)
    Cameron- ooooo I didn't notice that till you pointed it out, Cameron! You are always so good with picking up details!
    Audrey- Hey, Ms Frassy! (totally loving your Prince Harry experience :)) Me too- I think she just nailed it. I expect that she is one of those effortlessly stylish people who gets of bed looking groomed- ahhhh to be one of those people!

  6. The pendant looks like a 'hand of fatima' to me (

  7. Well spotted,Kim, you may well be right on that one.