Sunday 16 August 2009

London Street Style....Stories for Boys*


Fashion student at London College of Fashion

United Colours of Benetton white shirt

Vintage Shorts

Fred Perry bag
U2, Three, 1979


  1. love this! the simplicity - of a white shirt - excellent :)

    love your blog by the way - you're writing is brill, a breath of fresh air as it's great to hear the stories of the people you snap.

    gush over :s

    *continues to stalk Vanessa Jackman's blog*

  2. Oh my God it's Peter Petrelli!

  3. Jacquie- Johannes was actually wearing a pair of American Apparel high-waisted silver leggings under those shorts!! So while he looked classic from the ,um, knees upwards, he had a little something fun going on below his shorts :):)
    p.s. loving your blog stalking work, Jacquie!
    Kim- from Heroes??!!!!