Monday 24 August 2009

London Street Style...The Boy About Town

The Boy About Town: it's all about the hair....and the glasses!


  1. Found your blog last week and just love it! There is so much true feeling and life, keep up this way!

    Greetings from Finland!


  2. Hey, Thanks so much Jaana!! I am hoping to get to Finland one day in the (near) future :)

  3. really like this look, nicely styled

  4. Discovered your blog through yet another blogger's (a la The Clothes Horse) and am so glad that I took a peek! Your images are quite lovely.

    This post in particular caught my little eye because this boy is the spittin' image of my dear ol' Papa circa his high school yearbook days. The hair, the glasses, everything. Aww ... nostalgia.

    Take a looksie at mine? Maybe someday soon show me some bloglovin' through the link on the blog o'mine?

  5. Rhianna- do you note the teeny little collar???
    FashAddict- me too :)))
    BargainBex: yay! I must get over to The Clothes Horse to take a peek :)))) Weirdly, when I was processing the photos I kept thinking about the 1950's Teddy Boys but I don't quite think that this was the Teddy look- what era was your Dad in high school, Bex???