Monday 24 August 2009

London Street Style...Spanish Eyes

The gorgeous Spanish Lucia (she was born in Malaga) who now lives in London. You can check out her blog Sietezapatos here.

p.s. loving everyone's entries for the Eurostar tickets competition! I had tears in my eyes when I was reading some of them (I am a sook, I know :)) and I am discovering more and more "secret squirell" things I would like to do in Paris on my next visit. Keep 'em rolling in!


  1. I adore the red background here! She has fantastic hair :-)

  2. AlicePlesance- helllloooo what is it with all this fabulous hair at the moment?!! So many girls I am photographing have great hair!

  3. Hum ....
    I'M JEALOUS Vanessa !!!

    Fred the Mole

  4. ha ha Fred! Merci! You wanna swap? I will go to Paris for a month or so and you can come here to London!

  5. Impossible ....
    But I will go to London one sunny day for sure !


  6. Greaaaat!!! love the shorts !! :)

  7. Hi Vanessa, beautiful photo. I just put a post on my own blog about your blog! ;-)

  8. These are great. I love the composition and the red background.

  9. Wooow! Amazing pictures! I loved the blog! I saw it today for the first time and I will start to follow!

    the singular

  10. in lovee with his blog
    cuz the clothes are more wearable,
    people are more healthy,
    pics are more natural
    i will be visiting here everyday for sure!

    greetings from brazil;)

  11. I love your blog. The photography is gorgeous.

  12. Vanessa.. sending my major love for all your photographs.. i love it so much.

    -lauretha myrrh-

  13. Just love your blog. I came a time ago talking about how I miss colors in São Paulo. And I really liked to see that brazilian girl here!

    Really...european girls are amazing. All so tall with long and thin legs...oh God! I would love to have this kind of body. Unfortunatelly, my body is so latin: short and strong legs.

    Good job! Greetings from Brazil (isn't it amazing where you can go through a blog?)

  14. Hi Vanessa Jackman! It's me Carlos the guy with the flowers shirt and Borg glasses, I hope see soon the pictures, Congratulations for your job it's amazing, really nice pictures and blog. Im goona do the link right now.

    And I would like invite to your readers to see my site:

    see u soon, take care.


  15. Thank you SO much everyone for your comments! Crikey, when I started doing street style photos seriously this March, I was struggling with "blog viewers". Now, all thanks to you guys, I am finally getting somewhere :))))))
    Tinky Minky- you have the blonde, sraight version of Lucia's hair!
    Anon- me too!
    Denimgirl- thank you SO much- I will come take a peek :)))))
    Glowing Doll- thank you! Weirdly, I know that I break all the "composition rules" ie RULE NO 1: DO not center your subject= boring! But I am thinking that with street style photos, most of the time, putting the subject in the center is the way to go....also when I look at magazines, so many fashion shoots have the subject centered.
    Antonio Barras- hee hee! When I first saw your name I thought Antonio Banderas had paid a visit to my blog :)))))I am quite sure that you are lovelier than Mr Legend of Zoro though!
    Livia and Fernanda (my Brazilian girls!)- hola! It is so lovely to be reaching out to so many people all over the world, both on the streets and through da blog. I REALLY want to go to Brazil one day....oh, yeah, and about a zillion other places in the world as well! Fernanda- I remember you :))))
    Eva- thank you!!
    myrrh goldframe-thank you so much, myrrh :))) I am so glad people like my photos :)
    Marion- :)))) Loving your Stockholm work, Marion :)
    CharlY- hey Carlos, photos coming up soon!!!

  16. What a beauty!

    And just like so many other, I ADORE your blog ! :)

    Definitely not only 2 persons who check it like you said on your profile hahaha ;p

    xx from Holland