Thursday 27 August 2009

Petite Street Style...Georgina and Charlotte

THE most adorable little girls I've photographed so far, sisters Georgina (above) and Charlotte (below). They also have a baby brother at home- I can only imagine how gorgeous he would be!

Seriously, shooting these two littlies was a dream- I felt like I was on a Junior magazine shoot (incidentally last year I assisted a photographer shooting a fashion story for Junior- 8 babies in one day :)))) It was so much fun but, crikey, HARD work trying to keep all the babies (and mum's) smiling and happy! I don't think I have ever played so much peek-a-boo in my life!)

Georgina and Charlotte choose all their own clothes and accessories themselves, with only a little help from mum (who, as you can imagine was impeccably dressed as well).

Hmmmm Charlotte, about that denim jacket....I know you love it and everything but maybe I could borrow it...just sometimes....pretty please?


  1. I was nowhere NEAR this cool and chic when I was these girls' age.

    Goodness ... my definition of 'cool' was one baby blue dance leotard with little cap sleeves; no bottoms (pants or skirts) needed. Nope. And a pair of white cowboy boots with tassels.

    Grocery store, picking up bro and sis from school or even snowing outside ... didn't matter. It was my uniform.

    Again, I was nowhere NEAR as cool as chic as these gals. Darling.

  2. They are fabulous. I was not that cool either. I went through a "gigantic neon t-shirt and baseball cap" phase that I don't really like to dwell upon. I want Charlotte's high-tops.

    I stumbled upon your blog....I don't remember how. Perhaps through Rebecca of the Clothes Horse? Anyway, I'm here, and I love your photographs. Keep doing what you love!

  3. er, I'm STILL not that cool! My fave thing was a sailor dress.


    love these photos!

  4. Whoa, little amazing-looking girls they are..

  5. wow. i can only imagine what their mom looks like....

  6. Oh my god, Vanessa, I literally squealed with delight when I saw these adorable girlies!

    That second one has such attitude! So endearing!
    And heads up to the mini Vuitton bag!

    God, if only I had been so cool at so young...instead I was climbing trees with popsicle stains down my dress.


  7. Very stylish girls with the right bags !

    Fred the Mole

  8. BargainBex, Jacquie,Jay Tee, Audrey- me too! When God was giving out the cool factor to little girls, I was obviously too busy trying to convince my parents that I needed another Cabbage Patch Doll to add to my collection :))) Although I did have a rather fetching pastel plastic necklace with parrots dangling off it which looked rather Henry Hollandish (um, at a very large stretch!)
    Martin, Fanny, Fred the Mole, Jeffrey- I know Georgina and Charlotte will be reading the comments- and will love what you have said about them :))))!

  9. what gorgeous little girlies.
    i love how they've both got their own unique styles from each other (except for the con's and little vuittons!).
    + charlotte has a pretty cool additude goin on :)

  10. oh my god charlotte's style is AMAZING. imagine how stylish she will be when she gets older if she already has this much fashion know-how at this age XD.

  11. Brilliant pics!! the first one looks like a mini-Charlotte York from Sex and the City... :-) from, Oslo girl

  12. Thank you for these darling photos! I cannot even imagine how two women so young possess such amazing style. I'd love to see a documentary on simply the assembly of these two outfits, how they found each piece, what their closets look like, to what degree mom influences choices, etc. And the little LV bags, all so very adorable, thank you for sharing.

  13. Thanks for all the compliments! :)
    I lovee that you love my style

    Ps. I'm the one with blonde hair!