Thursday 24 September 2009

Running With The Fash Pack...London Fashion Week SS 2010


The perfect pink with Olga Grotova's PLATINUM blonde hair* and gorgeous blue-green eyes.

I finished a marathon photo editing session at 4am this morning....and I am beat. Despite my exhaustion from: living on 4 hours sleep each night; running madly between shows- don't get me started on how hard it is to locate the press buses: they mysteriously move from where they drop off so it is like a wild treasure hunt to find them after each show. By the end I worked out that the best approach is to attach oneself to the catwalk photographers who seem to have an inbuilt press bus location radar :); not eating properly: fashion week is the new boot camp!; trying to shoot while dodging cars, security guards, other photographers; getting abused by an irate resident who lives near the Topshop Venue (it is pretty chaotic with cars and people everywhere blocking the streets); I absolutely LOVED my first "official" LFW...I so wish I was going to Milan and Paris. Well, I actually am going to Paris during Fashion Week but I will only be shooting for one day :(

The highlight of my week? The Burberry show. OMG, it was incredible: I feel so fortunate to have witnessed the return of Burberry to LFW. The glittery/sequined trench towards the end almost moved me to tears. I loved so many of the pieces in the collection (the exquisite ruching, the pale sherbet colours, the strong shoulders, the reworked trench/dress) and I thought it was highly wearable for women of most shapes and sizes. Okay, so most of us can't actually afford any of the clothes that were on the catwalk but it is nice to take inspiration.

Thank you to everyone who has been leaving comments and emailing me :))) You guys are so lovely. I should be back to normal on the weekend and will email everyone back/reply to comments/questions then.

* BargainBex are you seeing this??!!! More platinum :))) It's a sign!


  1. Oh, V! I see, I see ... you are so subtle, aren't you? ;)

    Give me a few weeks to dig up some $ and I promise, if and when I finally do it, you and your inbox will be the first to receive the proof.


  2. ha ha! Glad you saw the platinum light BB :))))

  3. You may find it difficult to find the press bus, but what I'd like to know is how one gets on? I have always taken taxis between shows and wondered if only the hallowed few are sent invites to take that big coach? Do you have to be invited to use it, or do you just need to be accredited?