Thursday 24 September 2009

Running With The Fash Pack...London Fashion Week SS 2010

The stunning Akiko Aoki wearing Egg (I think). The above photo is one of my favourites- I just love the light on Akiko's face and the little splooshes of yellow on her bag and the railing.

I guess some of you might have worked out that my absolute favourite thing to photograph is people's portraits. I love faces, and I love making people feel and (hopefully) look beautiful, even if it is just for the minute or so that I am with them. For me, more than anything, it is the people behind the clothes, the hair, the make-up that are important, and what I want to capture in my images.


  1. I don't know if my translation is good or if it makes any sense in english but to me, "faces are the most beautiful landscapes".

  2. I really love your blog, and all your objects look amazing. Today's been one of those terrible shopping days for me, when looking at clothes only have made me feel ugly and uncool. But then I come home log on, find your blog and feel the diversity of styles and possibilities fashion gives. So in a way you're also making me feel beautiful.
    xo Lovise

  3. she is gorgeous. lovely photos.

  4. one of your best portraits yet, i thought i was on schott schumans blog for a sec