Saturday, 19 September 2009

Running With The Fash Pack...London Fashion Week SS 2010

Yes, she is wearing all black but wow, that !POP! of colour on her head just takes her outfit to the next level, particularly against her blonde, blonde hair. I photographed just her face and headpiece first but when I saw her standing up later, I was, like, I HAVE to shoot her standing up as well. Luckily she agreed :)


  1. I've been wrestling back and forth on to whether or not I should go full on, bleach blonde again and I do believe that when I get my next nice chunk of change, this "Pixie-head" is going to go platinum, thanks to this DIVINE picture!


  2. she's lovely! mustard yellow is a beautiful colour, one of my favourites.

  3. Hey Ms BB- I know, I LOVED this girl's hair (pity I blended it so much with the background-I probably should have shot her against the black wall- sigh). I keep telling my hairdresser to, look, don't bother with those expensive foils just pour a bottle of bleach on my head to achieve the Kate Lanphear platinum look but he always starts waffling on about how I would damage my (already damaged) hair even more blah blah blah. Pah! I should just get some bleach and do a DIY!! NOT :)))))
    You must alert me if you go the platinum blonde!

  4. Whoops, hrose you snuck in there and I didn't see you! Ijust wanted to say a HUGE thank you to you and there also a few other peeps who continually comment on my blog, even when I am not diligent at replying, and or getting over to see your blog. So once crazy week is over, I will be replying properly and peeking at everyone's new posts but in the meantime, thank you :))

  5. V,

    I had a weak moment, pacing back and forth in the DIY hair color aisle at the drugstore yesterday, I almost, ALMOST picked up a box, but stopped myself. I couldn't do it because I've been my natural 'dirty blonde' for over a year now. Hm. Still can't shake really REALLY wanting to douse my head in bleach.

    I'll definitely alert you if I do ...


  6. i keep coming back to this one!
    i have to replicate this asap!
    and that thing on her head- (not really sure what i should call it?)
    -it's amazing.

    as is your blog!

  7. this is AMAZING! was fantastic meeting you today, i hope all goes well with your edits. x

  8. Wow, I really love this! I always shy away from mustard, even though I love it, as it'd clash with my blonde hair. I guess bleach is the solution!