Saturday 19 September 2009

Running With The Fash Pack...London Fashion Week SS 2010

Okily, so anyone who has been following my blog for awhile will recognise the utterly gorgeous Audrey from Be Frassy. Audrey, one of my fellow "Eurostar Little Fashion Break" bloggers (LFW has been a mini reunion for quite a few of us) has been at fashion week the last two days and I can tell you that EVERYONE wants to photograph her-once one photographer starts snapping away, about five others follow!

These are today's photos of Audrey but once LFW is finished, I will post the other photos to show you what she wore each day...fingers crossed she lets me take some more photos after today's little shoot :)

So how did this photo come about? I was standing chatting to Craig Arend from Altamira NYC when I spotted Sarah, the beautiful Saluki pup standing with her owner. My brain started whirring and I said to Craig, wouldn't it be cool if I could get someone to pose with the dog.....and next thing I spotted Audrey :)))) Holllla!

Sarah's owner was happy for Audrey to hold Sarah's lead and, well, this is the result. Sarah is a country dog so she was a little camera shy but I promise she got lots of pats after I shot a couple of frames :)

p.s. I didn't ask where Audrey got her outfit from but I know she said her shoes are from Office. I think she will probably blog about where her outfits are from anyway.

p.p.s Mark Fast's show this morning was fantastic- the dresses were WOW!


  1. ohhh i love all pics in your blog ;))
    good job !


  2. Yay Audrey!! You've captured how gorgeous she is very well, loving these images