Thursday 12 November 2009

New York Street Style...Chantal of Cocorosa

A little bit of Christopher Kane for Topshop in a New York State of Mind......the gorgeous Chantal from cocorosa blog.

Okay, so this was a very cool, random afternoon- I met up with Craig Arend from Altamira for coffee and we were just sitting outside Balthazar in Soho, New York, sipping our lattes (actually, I think Craig was having a cheeky mocha) when along came Guerre from Swagger360 who you might remember I bumped into randomly on the street in Paris earlier this year. So we chatted for awhile and then next thing we bump into Chantal and her friends who had been out shopping and making some photos for her blog! So of course I jumped at the opportunity to photograph Chantal as well.

And best thing was, Chantal had only just purchased her Christopher Kane for Topshop hoodie earlier in the day. Yay, we love a new purchase :))

Thanks Chantal (and Craig and Guerre) for a super afternoon.


  1. So, today someone sent me a text (karen B. from NY) pretty much letting me know that you've posted some new stuff......THANK YOU!!! it's been too long... Welcome back, we missed you!!!

  2. I have to say NYC wins all the style pics for me !

  3. I love this post, and how did I miss it before? Sigh...what a lovely surprise :)

  4. oh the topshop hoodie looks so good on her

  5. @Kazuko- what are you doing back here?!!!!!

    Hee hee- but yup, I love the Topshop hoodie on her as well :)))