Thursday 12 November 2009

New York Street Style....Yellow

The girl above (yep, I forgot her name-nothing has changed!) was my very first street style photograph in New York. I was wandering past the Apple store near Central Park, spotted her yellow tights and pretty jacket disappearing through the Saturday afternoon crowds and scampered after her. I really wanted an image with yellow cabs in the background, so to get the rickshaw driver (what are those things called in NYC, anyone know?) in as well was an added bonus.

And when I was trawling through my photos tonight I noticed there is LOTS of yellow in NYC!

Grand Central Terminal New York:

On the wall at Chelsea Market near Ninth Street Espresso (great lattes) and Ronnybrook Dairy (home of phenomenal chocolate milkshakes):

My attempts at panning with the camera (so hard to try and get something, anything, in focus while keeping the background blurry):

At the Empire State Building:

Katz's deli Rueben sandwich (my arteries are clogging- and my mouth is watering- just thinking about it!):

More woeful attempts at panning with my camera:

Okay so he isn't exactly yellow (maybe a little orange?!) but he is pretty darn cute. He reminds me of the pup out of As Good As It Gets:


  1. she's so cute! i love the yellow. and i also love how you captured the moving images. great work!

  2. Yay, you're back! I'm looking forward to see your posts up here again.

  3. That girl is amazing! I so want to go to New York once again now!

  4. Ahh! you were at Chelsea Market? I pass by the little kid on the wall everyday going to work (I work in Chelsea Market).;)

  5. hey, glad you re back, with your fantastic pictures. so intense colors, and the moving effect..

  6. The girl with the yellow tights and the nice coat is so cute. Lovely style!
    Glad you had a great time in th Big Apple.

  7. Love the dog and the yellow tights. Though, I'm not into yellow but rather I love blue. Hope next time you post also and feature color blue, eh. :)

    Cathy@cheap digitizing