Monday, 7 December 2009

New York Street Style...Tartan Bootie Call

Layering for legs+super cute tartan booties+that gorgeous hair!


  1. that is some pretty awesome hair right there!
    and i love the second photo :)

  2. luccie- thanks Luccie :))) I was kind of obsessed by the little red fire hydrants in NYC (takes me back to my Sesame Street days!) so it was cool that there was one handy when we were taking this photo. Looks like it was newly painted as well cos of all the red paint around the bottom-eek, I hope it was dry- it didn't have a sign on it to say it was "wet paint"!
    WCGU2gether- ha ha- yep, was in NYC but only for a very short time. Hopefully I will be back next year :))

  3. ---- is her blog! Its cute, ther's something very natural about her style