Friday 26 February 2010

Junior Street Style....London Fashion Week A/W 2010

These schoolgirls (above) were part of a group who came to eat lunch at Somerset House on the last day of LFW. What I love so much about the fashion weeks (both in London and Paris and I am sure that New York is the same) is that they attract people from every age group and social demographic, from wee little babies like the one below to proud parents and friends of designers, to fashion and art students to elderly, camera-toting tourists who just happen upon it all. Not everyone can get tickets to the shows (although with digital coverage of some of the shows it is almost like being there anyway) but it is still wonderful to people watch and absorb the energy and excitement.

Adore bub Audrey's tiny little grey dress and jumper, and especially her little deer stalker hat!


  1. The two schoolgirls ooze teenage spirit and the baby...those cheeks are scrumptious and the rich colors and textures so alive.

  2. All your pictures came out really well! I'm the school girl on the right.. Thanks!

  3. DH Hunter- I just really love how fashion interests, attracts and unites so many people: I know when I am travelling it is a great ice-breaker. Yes, aren't baby Audrey's cheeks gorgeous?! Her mama's ring is lovely as well :)

    Ellie! So cool you found your photo! Thanks so much for allowing me to take your photo.

  4. Captured lovely, babies have the cutest little cheeks, so kissable!