Friday 26 February 2010

Running With The Fash Pack...London Fashion Week A/W 2010

Nicola Roberts (from Girls Aloud) rushing to the Ashish show (not everyone looks this good when they run!...and let me tell you those cobblestones are treacherous when combined with rain and heels).

I really like her navy and white striped shirt (it is definitely something I would wear). It looks very much like Vivienne Westwood???? Anyone know? Her handbag is Westwood.

p.s. one of the other street style photographers called out, as Nicola was rushing in, "You're my favourite one!". To which she turned back and smiled :)


  1. gaaahhhh i LOVE her!!!! her fashion sense is much more believable than the other girls and she is more daring in what she wears.

    i heart this outfit, your shots of her a fantastic! captured her beautifully.

    ohh look, i managed to girl crush twice in one comment :/

  2. She looks gorgeous, as always.
    Love your pictures(she is my favorite too);)

  3. Jacquie- thank you Jacquie :) Yep, you can tell she absolutely loves fashion (and hair and make-up) can't you. I have never seen any of the other girls at any of the shows but perhaps they used to go or otherwise go to New York or Paris?
    Lifebegins@thirty: (love that name! Amen to that :))- I just really like her shirt (and her heels are pretty cute as well), I am pretty sure it is Vivienne Westwood...

  4. She is gorgeous... she looks like Lilly Savage's younger sister. A real knockout!

  5. I'm so glad she decided to embrace her porcelain complexion, I still need to try her make up range for us palesters.

    I really love the cool tones to your photographs, I think I would like to try and capture that in my photography.

  6. I love her! It's so rare to see someone embracing their porcelain tones instead of heading to sunbeds :) And I love your photos - I don't mean to be rude but I was just wondering what camera do you use?

  7. Hi Mel- not a rude question at all! I use a Nikon D700 camera. I used to use a secondhand Nikon D200 camera but upgraded in about August? last year.
    Yep,it is so nice to see porcelain skin out and about- I see quite a lot actually!

    theblusher- oh no, probably it isn't a good thing to have cool tones in photos! I am in a constant battle with my computer and camera trying to get the white balance right (which determines how warm or cool a photo looks). I think I get it wrong a lot of the time- I need some help with my post processing (read: I need someone to do it for me ;))
    And so cool you love her skin as well! Yay for us lily white peeps!

  8. so I have been going through older posted images
    & was almost finished when i spotted the jem of the lady in stripes running. Now I must admit I feel a dire need to continue my search of your blog.