Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Running With The Fash Pack...London Fashion Week A/W 2010

So lovely to see some colour during LFW: Natalie Hughes' pea green coat was a welcome break from the sea of winter blacks and greys being sported by the fashion crowd, and the grey, grey, grey of the sky.

Natalie has a blog called Canned Fashion. Her coat is vintage, trousers by H&M, GAP sweater, Pierre Hardy for GAP heels, and vintage Vuitton handbag.

p.s. Audrey had to go back to university on Monday evening (and I didn't get a chance to photograph her outfit that day) hence no more "What Audrey Wore Next" posts. However we will catch up when she comes back to live in London and no doubt further pics will ensue. AND I have lots of photos of Audrey's friends which I will share with you over the coming weeks :)


  1. head-to-toe outfit perfection.

  2. love this outfit
    specially the shoes anyone knows where to get those?

  3. i love this
    those shoes are pierre hardy for gap, actually

  4. oh vanessa, i've got so much to catch up on with your gorgeous posts! just posted natalie also: her range of looks is so wide, i wouldn't have known it's the same girl unless a blogger told me:

    it was too crowded @ jaeger to pose her properly - then i didn't get a chance. you know what it's like.

    would love to meet sometime for a coffee if you have time - our conversation got interrupted & lost you in the crowd ; )

  5. thank you Louise for the shoes will look for them....

  6. Stuff sonia love and louise or valentine: Glad you guys helped each other out!

    Polka Dot: Ooooo it was so lovely to finally meet you at LFW! Yep, I was looking at Natalie's blog and she does look so different in each outfit. I love that-it is brilliant to be able to change your look just with clothes, make-up, accessories.
    Yep, tell me about it re missing people. I always remember the people I didn't get photos of (that I really wanted). Still, it is just the way it works, isn't it.... Yep, lets definitely catch up for a coffee once the fashion weeks are over and we can have a proper chat.