Saturday 20 February 2010

Running With The Fash Pack....London Fashion Week A/W 2010

The stunning Miss Tali Lennox (yep, daughter of Annie) who is now a model.

Adore her shoes- I can't figure out where they are from. Need Tommy Ton (Jak&Jil) sitting next to me- he is like a walking encyclopedia of all things fashion!

Day 2.

Mood: Ever so slightly tetchy and very, very tired.

Reason/s: I received a ticket to the House of Holland show which was on this afternoon. So I duly fronted up with my little handkerchief/scarf thing (which was the ticket) and stood shivering in the cold waiting to get in along with everyone else. As I was contemplating/daydreaming about just how many more thermals I could reasonably squeeze under my See By Chloe dress without bursting the seams, I suddenly hear the music start pumping. What the??!!! Nooooo the show had started and I was still on The Outside. I surged forward with the rest of The Outsiders but, alas, according to the PR the show was "massively over-catered" and there was no way we would be able to squeeze in. Right. Excellent.

So I headed home. And had my lunch at 6:30pm. And now I am having dinner at almost 11:3opm (seared scallops, chorizo and samphire- sort of like very young asparagus- with lemon in case you were wondering!).

Night Night


  1. She's so pretty, love her shoes!


  2. sorry about the house of holland show (but hey at least you had a ticket, right?). those pom pom shoes are the cherry on top of a reallly cute outfit

  3. she's wearing a charles anastase dress ... hmmm maybe charlotte olympia shoes?

  4. The shoes are John Galliano and they're gorgeous!!

  5. The Beauty File and Vagabondiana- thanks guys so much for letting us know. I normally don't have time to ask people for details of what they are wearing so it is brilliant you guys know this stuff. Ta muchly :)

    she's soo gorgeous!!!
    and a great model <3

  7. The shoes... Their so cute :3 great outfit :)