Sunday 21 February 2010

Running With The Fash Pack...What Audrey Wore Next

Miss Audrey Leighton Rogers on Day 3 of LFW in vintage everything (her dotty top was 50p at a charity shop and her diaphanous black, err, coat? was from the Salvation Army shop). Her boots are from Ebay.

p.s. someone asked about Audrey's gold flower ring from Day 1- it is from Topshop.


  1. I love that outfit and I want that polka dot shirt!

  2. She is so aadorable and lovely - however, she also looks a tad chilly in that sheeth of a coat, wrap up Dearie xo

  3. love it!
    Good to see you out and about in London, I'm in Paris til after the shows so missing out, but enjoying seeing all your photos. Will be around at the end of Paris fashion week hopefully so might come stalk you again at a couple of shows. Hope all is well with you, Jo xx

  4. Meg-Sunday was cold but not as cold as yesterday (it was truly artic!) Audrey actually had on a coat over this but I made her take it off :)))
    Curiouser and Curiouser- hello my lovely. Oh my Lord I am SO so tired today- I bet you are as well....I am going to be in Paris until the Wednesday afternoon (so I don't miss the Louis Vuitton show!) so make sure you come say hello if you can after the show. I know you will probably be stupid busy though....p.s. how has the weather been in Paris? So cold here and rainy and sleety!