Thursday 25 March 2010

Running With The Fash Pack...Paris Fashion Week A/W 2010

How beautiful is Clementine* and her dreamy, messy side plait (very Alexander Wang SS 2010)? Her leather skirt, wedge boots and super loooong knotted belt are all gorgeous but that side plait is just so pretty.
*I can't say Clementine's name without thinking of basketfuls of beautiful, ripe clementines sitting in the sun (weird, I admit!)


  1. Very delicate and so chic...
    I like her attitude .
    Beautiful portrait on the first one !

  2. She has been featured on a few other style sites of late, and have seen her photos on Lookbook, a very pretty little thing for sure. Love the up close photo, very portrait-like. Nice work xo

  3. Oh this outfit is simply too beautiful for words...
    The blazer!
    The boots!
    All I can do when I read your blog is let out spontaneous little squeals of delight...meaning I get really weird stares...

    But anyway...:)


  4. she looks incredible!!! i love the freshness and the way her hair looks! adorable!

  5. Thank you for your kindness Vanessa... !

  6. clementine is gorgeous, is has the best tone of white skin ever, and i'm obsessed with her boots. also her hair is great. well done!

  7. Yay Clementine!!!! So glad you saw these :))) you look stunning as usual!

    @C and @Meg- thank you for the compliment re the first one being like a portrait- that means a lot. I really want to do more portraiture, it is what I love doing the most.

    @Meg- I also photographed Clementine last year in October outside the Louis Vuitton show: she looked amazing then as well. She is very sweet (we almost got run over by paparazzi as we stood chatting outside Christian Dior- think it might have been Jared Leto or someone arriving) and I really like her style.

    @Anon- oooo cool! Glad you like :))

    @KohCo: as I said above, I always have a little chuckle over your comments! You are hilarious!

    @Carole- her skin is beautiful isn't it- perfectly pale. Mmmmm wonder where she got her boots from?

  8. I adore her style she always looks so efortless chic and everything is thought through.

  9. just want to say, we really love your blog, you have so many amazing photos!

  10. Nanx- Correct! Like most French women, she is effortlessly chic. They just seem to be born with it!

    Viscous n Hsieh Original- thank you so much!!!! I am so glad you like it :)) Still a work in progress, but getting there (slowly) :)

  11. Hey, Vanessa, i was reading your comments, and i have to ask. why do people think french women are so stylish (i learnt that when i left france, and heard it so many times since)? i can think of so many stylish women that are not french! of course i should take advantage of it being french (but also people think french are arrogant, so sometimes because my accent kinda allows it, i just shut my mouth about my origins).

  12. Argghhh @Carole- I typed a long response on my thoughts re French women and then bluddy google had a malfunction and I lost it all. So angry. Anyway, the gist of my thoughts was that I think French women are effortlessly stylish, with an emphasis on the word "effortless"- it doesn't look like they are trying too hard or have taken forever to get ready (even if they have!). However I absolutely agree with you that there are millions of women who aren't French who are incredibly stylish.
    I am wondering whether part of the reason might be that for the French, style and aesthetics (not just in clothing but in interiors, architecture,design, accessories) are a very important/essential part of life. Take, for example, the markets in Paris or, really, any French town- all the produce is beautifully presented not just shoved on a table, higgedly-piggedly. And even if you are popping down to the shops for some milk or bread, you do your hair and makeup rather than just wearing P.J's and Ugg boots. I read a book a couple of years ago about an Australian girl living in Paris and she put it all so succinctly (can't remember the name of it). Is this true do you think Carole? The notion that style is intrinsically part of the French way of life?

  13. Vanessa, I think that it is true that you're not likely to see a french woman (even a lot of men) in sweat pants and / or sneakers doing something else than practicing sport. We learn to dress in the morning, to be ready and presentable, even if we're staying home. Coming to NY was kind of very funny to me, to see that people would go to restaurant in more than casual outfits, but this is also refreshing, and creative. when my bff came to visit me and she was pregnant, i told her she could walk in the streets with her sport sneakers, she was so happy... i don't like wandering around in too casual outfits, but it is nice to be able to go to yoga class in yoga pants... which would be odd in Paris. Also fashion is also something that a french girl learns very early as (at least when i was a kid) good manners and posture (that you try to lose when you're a teenager). That was also long.

  14. Her boots are from Zara! Not to seem like a total stalker here (I bought the same pair), but it's the same pair as this one from your blog:

    She just switched out the shoelaces with black ones.

    Okay, I do sound like a complete creepster. Can we just say fashion obsessed? :)